frequently asked questions

Do you accept credit cards?

 Yes, we accept credit cards. You will be charged a 3.5% service fee when paying with a credit card. You may also pay with cash or a check for no additional charge. 

Is there anything I need to do before construction begins at my home?

Yes, you keep in mind that debris will fall around the property and potentially onto your neighbor’s property. Informing your neighbors of your upcoming project is advised. All debris will be cleaned upon completion of your project. 

When will my roof be built and how long will it take?

 Your roofing project start-date will depend on project approval and weather. We will call and/or email you regarding your project start-date 2-3 days before the project begins. We do not complete roofing projects during the winter. Roofing projects typically take 1-2 days to complete. Anything under 3,000 square feet will be completed in 1 day. Longer turn arounds occur when the roof is very large or steep.